Hello!My name is Liudmil Mitev

I am a computer nerd and an occasional biker.

I'm obsessed with fun things like web standards, open-source software and bleeding edge nerd technology.

I run a small consulting business named
256b Software.

About me

I'm a nerd. I'm addicted to all things tech: from computer graphics trough obscure programming languages to cutting-edge hardware and gadgets. I studied Software Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I'm currently freelancing. My most recent project is the front-end of a vast E-Learning system that is used by a few major educational institutions.

What I do

I consider myself a Software Engineer. I have been also called a Full stack developer. While my work has been centered around web development - filling both back-end and front-end I believe it's counter-productive to limit myself to a single role. I swing between both "ends" and usually also participate in systems administration and the development of tools. For more on me take a look at my Bio (CV)