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Sofia, Bulgaria
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2009 -
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
BS in Software Engineering
2004 - 2009
FLS "Exarch Joseph I" Lovech
with extended English and German language training

Foreign Languages

Native Language
Advanced Level (C1)
Mittelstufe (B1)

Professional Experience

2007 -

256b Software

Freelance web design & development

I'm currently focused on cross-platform (desktop, touch, backend) JavaScript development using the latest development tools and practices. Presently working on the front-end of a large e-learning platform

2011 - 2013

VMWare Bulgaria

MTS, Build Infrastructure team

I was building, supporting and extending tools and in-house services that include continuous sandboxed building, release engineering and continuous integration. These tools and services were directly affecting the productivity of the 8000+ engineers working at VMWare at the time.

Among the projects I worked on was the web-based main build service of the company written in Django + PostgreSQL, a browser-based build performance visualization tool, a system for on-demand provisioning of sandboxed build VMs and a tool for fast read-only replication and sharing of the build toolchain.

2010 - 2011

XS Software

Web Developer

I worked on a browser-based system for analysis and visualization of the in-game purchases from the various games the company is running. This helped the marketing department gain insight into the revenue streams and make informed choices about the future marketing strategy and ultimately improved sales

My side project at XS Software was a JavaScript isometric rendering engine. It could provide fast and fluid fullscreen isometric graphics (similar to FarmVille, SimCity) while requiring no Flash support and still working great on IE8, tablets and mobile devices. Contact me for a demo and screenshots.

2008 - 2009

Ecomission 21st Century

Technical Support

I was maintaining their office computers and network, managing to convert them to Ubuntu Linux to save costs.

I also developed and maintained their website (based on Drupal)

Areas of expertise

In no particular order:

  • Developing rich, dynamic and responsive front-end user interfaces
  • Writing clear, testable and self-documenting code (not that I don't write comments, I prefer reserving them for quirky code)
  • Producing reliable automated tests
  • Developing solid and maintainable web application back-ends, organized around the MVC pattern.
  • Optimizing the rendering speed of rich web sites and applications
  • Continuous integration, Release Engineering and Management
  • Linux-based development and server administration



Python is my default language of choice. I've been using it for over 6 years to do just about anything:

Websites, REST and XML RPC APIs, Command-line tools, Unit and integration testing, games, and even Text mode GUIs with what's probably my favourite Python library of all time - Urwid.

My favourite web development frameworks are Django and Flask


JavaScript, being the default browser language is what I use for Front-End development. I've been using it since the Reign of Internet Explorer 6.

I focus on making responsive and fast Rich Internet applications. I even made a fullscreen isometric rendering engine that works in IE8! I also sometimes use it for back-end development with node.js when it's more suitable than Python.


GNU/Linux is my operating system of choice. I have used it almost exclusively for over 7 years.

Currently I use Debian Stable for my production settings and Arch Linux for my development boxes. I'm very familiar with both Linux system administration (including Red Hat/Cent OS), and the open-source development toolchain.

I'm also experienced at designing and managing Linux virtualization. (skills acquired while I worked at VMWare)

Front-End Frameworks

I have evaluated almost all popular js frameworks, but my favourites are jQuery, BackboneJS and Bootstrap.

For a long time I've been developing highly interactive applications like games and e-learning applications so I'm really focused on making the client code fast and responsive. It's one of the skills I'm most proud of.

When developing for the browser my first concern is usually about project organisation. JavaScript code can get messy quickly so I'm a big fan of RequireJS for keeping the application tidy.

Personal projects

2013 - 2014

Programming with Python course

I presented lectures and contributed homework assignments for the course in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Uni-Sofia


jQuery More.js

jQuery plugin to help users discover content under (or above) the fold


Python Chess

A Chess game built with Python. Supports a text-mode console UI and a native TKInter GUI.



Simple Twitter clone I built while learning Django.

nLight Reader

A JavaScript-based Google Reader frontend with a cleaner design (now defunct) It was my learning project for the exellent YUI Library.


Terra Incognita

Tourist guide website for Bulgaria. It won 4th place in a regional web development competition. Built on DokuWiki with a custom design.

Ecomission 21st Century

The official website of a local NGO built using Drupal and with a custom design.